Get Higher Academic Student Achievement

CBC works with public, private and nonprofit schools and organizations to provide education and training to all educational and service providers with the tools necessary to facilitate positive school climates. Through interactive presentations, school personnel will learn the importance of early intervention and how to identify behaviors before they escalate to defiance or aggression. The results are higher academic student achievement, increased time on task, increased academic instruction and less time spent on behavioral interventions. CBC will customize each interactive presentation contingent on the school’s individual needs.

Some of our interactive presentations

– Motivate Me: I Can’t Do It Alone (ADHD, self-regulation)
– Managing Behavior through Setting Limits not Punishments
– Are You Listening? Interventions To Motivate The Unfocused
– Hands-Off Approach To Gaining Student Cooperation
– How to Navigate Through The Different Functions Of Behavior
– Proactive vs. Reactive Communication In The Classroom
– Effective Communication And How It Relates To Working With Children       How to REALLY Develop and Implement Behavior Charts

Managing Challenging Behaviors
Goal-Oriented Behaviors
Teaching “How to Learn” before “What to Learn”
De-Escalating Agressive Behavior

Behavior Intervention Specialist | Behavior Intervention Training

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